Father’s Day Special Release

Man of Valor

Want to purchase this song? Donate to my CashApp/PayPal/Venmo, $10 or more and I will send you the song as soon as I get the notification. Dont do digital? Just message me and I’ll bring you a cd👌🏾

Men, last year my heart was smashed in ways that it hadn’t been when I led a protest of 10,000 plus people following the death of George Floyd. I was reminded of the role that GOD gave you as I saw some many men coming into there power. Some of you may know your power, but some of you may not.

As our communities grow in disparities, there are men standing up in their power to combat these things. This melody came to me some years ago. I went into the studio with a friend of mine. I booked a four hour session and we were patient as all the pieces came together. When the song was done, we both about cried listening back to the final version. So without anymore delay here you go, meditate, pray, keep imagining the better YOU. A music video will be shot this year. If your are interested in being featured in the video, please email me at aprina85@gmail.com

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