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Aprina is undoubtedly one of the most passionate, sunshiny artist you will ever book. She is embedded with a multi-genre, cross cultural musical spirit. Her compassion is sprinkled all through out her song sets. A dab of personal testimony of travail and her expeditious come backs, will absolutely leave you warm and invigorated. She brings the power of her revolutionary message to any stage or audience she touches.

Aprina has been booked on stages with acts like: Babyface, Mary J Blige, Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia Barrino, Kelley Price, Lyfe Jennings, Lakeside, Biz Markie, Michel’le, Algebra Blesset, Over the Rhine Band, The Deele, The Temptations, Murphy Lee, Mystikal and more!

Her music has blazed the stage at some of Cincinnati’s top festivals/venues/organizations like; City of Cincinnati, IJPC, Cincinnati Museum Center, St Vincent DePaul, Krogers, Proctor and Gamble, Arts Wave, The Agar, Cincinnati Music Festival, Taft Museum, Friday Flow, Rhythm on the River, Memorial Hall, Midwest Regional Black Family Reunion, Ubahn Festival, 20th Century Theatre, Freedom Center, King Records, Herzog Music an so many more. Please inquire about her resume for more in depth detail.

Aprina has often times been reminded that her life has been very movie like. She has been broken and rebuilt by the good and the bad, and has evolved in ways she expresses as “unbelievable”. It has deeply influenced her pursuit in the music industry along with the creations of her originals sounds. Keep reading to get a better understanding of your favorite artist, and why this revolutionary love is so important to her!

Musical Background

Aprina’s baby voice showed plenty of potential. As a toddler here, she sang as a photographer from The Kentucky Enquirer snapped her picture.

Vivian “Bego” Fly is what her mother was known by. She was flamboyant, bold, charismatic, and melancholy. She would sing her heart out everyday, becoming the neighborhoods permanent background sound. Her mother suffered from severe mental health which made life unpredictable in so many ways. Those hardships made Aprina the woman she is today.

Aprina did not know a huge part of her family or even her biological Dad. She was blessed with a miracle man named Jeff. He married her mother and she divorced him. The state of KY had built a case against her mother and were attempting to take her and her brother into their custody. By a miracle she was able to represent herself and her brother and pick Jeff as their forever home. That he was. He has been committed to her and her brother and her mother up until her mothers death.

Aprina spent 20 something odd years thinking one man was her biological dad. One year she had some intuition that maybe that was not the case. Indeed she was correct. After some DNA testing she got the heartbreaking news that that was man was not her Dad. It took her some time to heal. She decided to venture out to find her biological family. Her and a family member began searching and they stumbled across this pic where she felt as thought she was looking at her teenage self. Stricken with grief and excitement she laid low. A few days later she decided to look him up on Facebook where she found an active page under his name. She messaged him and it was like he had been waiting his whole life for the confirmation. From there she learned that music was not just a gift but it was in her DNA. Her Dad was a world renowned, keyboardist, songwriter and award winner.


Aprina’s grandfather (on the piano) was a minister who worked within the government and was also a phenomenal musician in the midst of all his community endeavors. Her biological dad was a world renown keyboardist who accompanied many famous bands within his time. Her adoptive dad was the biggest giver she had ever met, and his influence set her destiny a blaze. Although she did not grow up with these two gentlemen, her destiny was tied up in their history. It’s simple to see that compassion for people and innate musicality is also in her DNA code.

As a blossoming child Aprina’s mother filled the house with music. They lived in a garage that was turned into a house in a small town. The first floor consisted of a tiny living room and a hybrid room that functioned as the kitchen and music studio. The days would draw out many children in the neighborhood who were in need. Aprina would eventually make their tiny place a safe place for many strangers she turned to friends. 

Page being updated, more of the story to come!

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