Public Protest & Activism

Dear readers, it is imperative that we act and not just speak in the next 5 years. There are so many hits we are taking at our essential needs, and at this point we cannot hit snooze on this problem. When I say essential I mean this: food, housing, education, economic development, mental health, and environment. Everything else is luxury items that we technically don’t need to survive/thrive. I can elaborate later on why I came to that conclusion and give detail on each item. For now, I must urge you again to examine your existence and seek to find your purpose here on this planet.

As we gathered yesterday, I began to get very emotional. City Hall is the place where we elect individuals to take OUR vision and our money to create a home for us. It is a place of individuals that work with the federal government, leaders, consultants, contractors and much more, to unwind the tangle of injustice/lack, and create opportunities for wealth, comfortability, and power for all. Somehow we have let them miss the mark repeatedly without the proper confrontation. Your age, and circumstance does not limit your ability to get into the fight against the wickedness of this city. If you are ready to explore your higher, revolutionary self, please consult with me in my “book me” option. Feel free to also text “radical” to 513-376-3889 to get this started✊🏾

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