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Materials to keep you in a revolutionary love kind of state of mind– Think of this page as a library where things are free and sometimes you have to rent them. Food for the soul, blood for the heart, creativity for the artist, you know those kinds of things. ARLW has been working for 20 years to teach all she encounters the mechanics of love. Here we will dive in deep adventures to keep you encouraged to always use love as a weapon in the hardest situations life can present. A.P.R.I.N.A ( always, aspire, positivity, regardless, intrusive negative atmosphere)

ARL Workshops (

MLK was often times presented to us as a two-toned character, when in reality he was very iridescent. Let’s go beyond the same Ol quotes and stories and dive deeper into his mission! Please sign up in the link above!

ARL Workshops (

In 2018, my biological dad who was a world renown artist passed away. During the planning of my dad’s funeral, I learned that an artist union paid for a portion of his funeral expenses. In early 2018, I was selected with five others in the nation, to participate in a cohort as an expert creative place maker and artist organizer. There I was introduced to a unique eco system made by artist for artist. For 20 years I have been teaching/motivating other artist of various different mediums how to establish themselves. My last motivation to make this legit has been the need for protection in the artist community. I know we all thrive in an authentic community of those who water our creativity and hold us accountable when necessary. Join us for our monthly meetings for the most amazing support. There will also be many materials and videos for you to feed off of!

ARL Workshops (

My career has put me into several positions where I am asked or compelled to lead some sort of public or private protest. As a result of that I was challenged on what to say, and how to influence large crowds of angry heartbroken people. After leading about 20,000 plus people during multiple protest, I learned that I was an actual peacekeeper and peacemaker. Some moments in life deeply define who we are an extract our greatest gifts. I want to do that for you and draw out all of your revolutionary love. This love can be used anywhere at any given time, with the most beautiful results you’ve ever seen. Join the ARMY OF LOVE!

ARL Workshops (

I honestly feel like we were thrown into the social media dimension with very little direction besides “connect with your friends”. As time has gone on, we have all noticed how social media can be as depressing as the news or equally just as exciting when we hear and see the beauty of the world. Since social media has really become a part of our life’s, I think it worth talking about how to use it to be more of a voice of reason. Right? Please sign up for this monthly workshop with 5 concrete ways to be the light of this world!


February 16th 2021– This last week brought more opportunity to share some radical, revolutionary love. My entire life I was a big giver, I know it’s in my DNA. These blogs will serve as a place to share stories of myself and others who represent this agape kind of love. A beautiful little girl I met some years back in the hood, was brought back into my life. She and I had been following each other on IG for almost 5 years after this musical performance. When got reconnected through a local church we serve through. She called me one day and her mother was crying, howling, is how I would describe it. Her mother recently broke her arm at work, and lost her job, right after she secured a very beautiful home for her children. Her landlord decided this past weekend to raise their rent. She was praying for a miracle. Her daughter handed her the phone, and I quickly calmed her the best I could. I reassured her that we would pay her rent and raise some additional funds. I did my good for that day. #aprinasrevolutionarylove

You like my words? Welllllll… S U B S C R I B E

April 2nd 2021

April 4th 2021

Public Protest & Activism

Update 5/21 for my Army of Love!
6/20/21 Update

Special Father’s Day Song Release – just click the picture to get the SONG!

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