Aprina’s grandfather was a minister, worked within the government and was a phenomenal musician in the midst of all his community endeavors. Her biological dad was a world renown keyboardist who accompanied many famous bands within his time. Her adoptive dad was the biggest giver she had ever met, and his influence set her destiny a blaze. Although she did not grow up with these two gentlemen, her destiny was tied up in their history. It’s simple to see that compassion for people and innate musicality is in the DNA of Aprina.
As a blossoming child Aprina’s mother filled the house with music. They lived in a garage in a small town. The first floor consisted of a tiny living room and a hybrid room that functioned as the kitchen and music studio. The days would draw out many children in the neighborhood who were in need. Aprina would eventually make their tiny place a safe place for many strangers she turned to friends. 
These days Aprina has mashed the 2 passions together and birthed her musical-communal activism.

Cincinnati City Hall w/ Brian Garry
Taste of Cincinnati 2020
WCPO Sidewalk Singer https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/local-sidewalk-singer-helps-neighborhoods-navigate-the-pandemic
ArtsWave Cafe

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