Aprina Johnson also known as AprinasRevolutionaryLove , is a self proclaimed musical-communal activist. She has positioned herself to create, revolutionary sounds and use her music to ONLY, heal, educate and edify the listener. Each song is married with a guerilla style campaign to fully activate/submerge each participant in a radical lifestyle change. When you see Aprina around your town doing originals or covers just prepare to be hyper inspired. Aprina is a multi-cultural, multi-genre musician. Her writing career started in poetry/spoken word in the year 2000. She then started to assemble those poems into raps. Shortly after this rap passion was established she started to add melodic, dulce vocals to hooks of her raps. Over time her rap started to collide into her singing which gave her an explosive delivery to every song.

The gift of music has always been present. Life’s adversity brought the gift completely out. As far as singing, she has always had the ear. Aprina’s mother was a back up singer for multiple bands, and she rehearsed regularly at home. So music was present daily during her childhood. Melodies have always followed her throughout the duration of her life. Any song she heard she could easily pick it up. As time went on she started using instruments to give her own expressions and interpretation of these sounds. Her voice was always her main instrument, yet she learned to use these things to enhance her presence. It took a long time for her to feel confident enough in her singing voice. Alto voices are often times the least celebrated in the music industry. Aprina also discovered that music aimed to do less entertaining and more empowering is very underappreciated as well. As she put herself out into the world more she began to realize how valuable her message was and she eventually succumbed to the beauty and power of her voice. Now she is one a journey to spread revolutionary love through her music. Learn more about why revolutionary, radical love is her mission here: https://aprinasrevolutionarylove.org/about/


Yo these last 5 years, have really set me up to make some very impactful musical creations. It has been so wild, from losing friends and family members to all kinds of tragedies and revelatory events, this has to be the best I’ve created in years. I almost died through these extreme waves of lost but, GOD sustained and kept me together! So please subscribe to my BANDCAMP page by clicking the PHOTO above. Enjoy, and please let this song help you become your “revolutionary love” self!

Spectrum News Ohio Interview 2022
Debuting the band, new music and old music that was never released!

Hey friends, it took me a while to finally put a band together, so we are introducing ourselves via WCPO on their show specialized for local musicians creating original music. Click the link above 7pm on January 9th , 2022🤎



Your pen game is crazy.

2 Live’ Bre Rhythm and Flow & Shine Sings

When your up on stage, singing a song you’ve written with personal meaning, I feel a catharsis and healing happening in real time.

Naimah Bilal Urban Consulate

The music that I’ve listened to, that you have made, is just so uplifting.

John Lomax Local 12 WKRC

I sing for your freedom and healing.