February 16th 2021– This last week brought more opportunity to share some radical, revolutionary love. My entire life I was a big giver, I know it’s in my DNA. These blogs will serve as a place to share stories of myself and others who represent this agape kind of love. A beautiful little girl I met some years back in the hood, was brought back into my life. She and I had been following each other on IG for almost 5 years after this musical performance. When got reconnected through a local church we serve through. She called me one day and her mother was crying, howling, is how I would describe it. Her mother recently broke her arm at work, and lost her job, right after she secured a very beautiful home for her children. Her landlord decided this past weekend to raise their rent. She was praying for a miracle. Her daughter handed her the phone, and I quickly calmed her the best I could. I reassured her that we would pay her rent and raise some additional funds. I did my good for that day. #aprinasrevolutionarylove

You like my words? Welllllll… S U B S C R I B E

April 2nd 2021 https://aprinasrevolutionarylove.org/2021/04/02/leaving-social-media%f0%9f%a5%b3/

April 4th 2021

Public Protest & Activism

Update 5/21 for my Army of Love!
6/20/21 Update

Special Father’s Day Song Release – just click the picture to get the SONG!

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