Leaving Social MediašŸ„³

In 2006 I created a page on MySpace. I connected with so many famous people, reconnected with friends I hadn’t seen since elementary and started some new froendships.It definitely helped me reach people and places very quickly. I posted my new music which gained over 33,000 views and thousands of likes fairly quickly. I felt like I was winning.

3 years later I got hip to Facebook. I didn’t really like it, but created an account to upload pictures and videos for my family across the US. I was very skeptical about using the site because of privacy issues, but as soon as I got a smart phone, my barriers broke and I started posting every other week. I was using this as an outlet to express my frustrations and new information I was getting from working in the community. I was focused less on music due to a very traumatic event in 2007. I started to gain more likes views around more serious things, I felt as though I was attacking the spiritual, intellectual individuals, and I liked that, I liked the authenticity of my “audience”. One of my first viral videos was me talking about some stupid trend. People loved my anger and aggression and it seemed thats all hey would like and share šŸ„ŗMy second viral video was me singing a very amateur version of TlC’s “Unpretty”. From that point on I started to rack up anywhere from 100- 300 likes per post. So I started dropping more talk videos and music videos. Then I got introduced to the option to create events in 2010 and I was elated. I started inviting my “friends” to every event I posted. I was doing a wide variety of events without any social media years before that and I had great turnouts. One event I had over 200 people show up and I was shocked. You just never know how it’s going to turn out. As time passed I sustained good interactions as far as likes, and views, but people actually coming out and doing life together was hit or miss. I’ve had a lot of really big moments on FB. From news, to radio, to tv and music videos, I’m sure I have 500,000 views and thousands of likes if I could go back and count lol.

Youtube came and it felt less stressful, simple and I was drawn in, lots of benefits and opportunity to organize videos by themes better. Instagram came and of course I was drawn in, yet nothing really exceptional. I decided to create my own website where I wouldn’t be distracted by someone’s vagina coming across my story or timeline, or materialism, racism, sensationalism being forced in my face every 2 minutes.

As an artist/community organizer, we attract a ton of people. Some are lookers, some are lovers, some haters undercoveršŸ¤£

I created this space for my super fans, consistent supporters, longtime partners, clients, and newbies who have joined my army of love! I plan to be way more intentional about the things I post, the frequency, the quality, the exclusivity, and the overall impact for your greater GOOD! PLEASE HELP me get all of our mutual friends of FB – IG over to my website by sharing this link and tagging themšŸ˜˜

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